Bitcoin and the Blockchain is going to Change the World for Good

Back in March this year I started really looking into Bitcoin. And I got it. I really got it. Philosophically and politically. Then I got into understanding it economically and mathematically. It stood up to every test.

I have never been so excited. So I put my money into it. What money I had and that wasn't a huge amount. At the time I think one Bitcoin was £900. But the thing is I really understood it first. What's happened with Bitcoin since then we all know but here's the thing... I was hesitant about getting in at £900 thinking it was too much money. Now with Bitcoin at £15,000 I can understand people being hesitant about getting in. But this time next year Bitcoin could easily be £100,000.

Sounds ridiculous I know but that is how cool this tech is. Anyway let the market decide. And the great thing about Bitcoin is that it is free from censorship and Government interference so it really is the free market that will decide. And also there are many other coins with huge potential to change the world and make us all money and not just the ones on the inside. And for me it's not all about the money, it's about bringing opportunity to the many not just the few. I urge you to at least look into it.

The mainstream media are beginning to attack Bitcoin and that's inevitable because crypto, by design, has the potential to bring down the establishment of which the MSM are part of. It's so enlightening to hear the mis-information that is being peddled by the MSM. Makes you wonder what else they are mis-informing us on. Mind you doesn't really matter as no one is really listening to them anymore anyway.

Every now and again there are opportunities to make life changing cash.

This is one of them.