The Inside-out Paradigm

It is my aim to make these newsletters a useful and entertaining resource for you.
One of the main topics I will be writing about is a new paradigm in psychology that is rapidly sweeping the world as it transforms the people's lives. I believe the fourth wave of (r)evolution has started following the agricultural, industrial and information (digital) ages. The age of aquarius or the age of understanding the human mind is here and the possibilities for health, wealth and happiness are huge.
What is a paradigm?
A paradigm is a new world view that is supported by principles. Psychology for example is a pre-paradigm and relatively young science dating back to the late nineteenth century when Sigmund Freud set up his practice in Austria. William James, the father of American psychology, once reportedly said that when psychology discovers principles it will be the most important discovery in the history of mankind. One of the problems of a science without principles is there are no governing laws which makes it a pseudo science and leaves the field open to all sorts of different beliefs and concepts. In the field of psychology there is huge number of interventions and therapies including Psycho-therapy, CBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing to name just a few and while many of these may be useful it appears that psychological suffering is growing faster than ever. Compared with psychology modern medicine has come on massively in the same timeframe. It was only in the nineteenth century that going into hospital for a operation was more likely to kill you than save you. Then a chap called Ignaz Semmelweis had an insight that there was something invisible (germs) that was causing the deaths of the mothers giving birth in the hospital where he worked. After a period of experimentation his theory was proven and surgeons started to wash their hands and germ theory and a new paradigm in medicine was born. Prior to the discovery of germ theory (pre-paradigm) people lived in a misunderstanding of where illness and disease came from leading them to carry flowers (posies) to protect them from bad smells (miasmas) believed to be the cause of disease. The discovery of germ theory has increased life expectancy by a staggering 30 years. So imagine what a new paradigm in psychology might achieve in life expectancy alone not to mention all the other implications.

To play my part in this new paradigm my mission is to end individual and organisational stress. Next week me and two other coaches are delivering a three day training to 12 headteachers at an Academy Trust in Kent. I'm also working with business leaders to help them transcend stress so they can achieve the results they dream of and enjoy life on their own terms. The results are astonishing. I'm not talking about coping or managing stress but totally transforming it so their worlds never look the same again. So my question to you is: who do you know who could benefit from receiving these newsletters? Please forward to anyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety or worry. Or anyone has an interest in the potential of the human mind. Help me help end individual and organisational stress. 

Last week my colleague Sarah Phipp and I were interviewed on a local internet radio show called The People's Republic of Brighton and Hove about the Inside-out Paradigm and you can listen to the podcast of it here: it starts at 23:45 minutes in. 

That's it for my first newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it!

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