The Inside Out Nature of Life

Regardless of your current awareness or what you believe, there is only one way in which our experience of life works. And that’s inside out.

What does inside out mean?

What we experience and feel comes from inside us or more precisely our thinking in the moment. This is why we call it inside out.

The problem is that we innocently misunderstand how life works and believe that our experiences and feelings come from an external event outside of us. This is what we call the outside in misunderstanding. 

Let me give an example. You can never experience a feeling, good or bad, from an external circumstance, event, situation or person. This is where the confusion comes from. We all attribute how we feel to a circumstance, event, situation or person. An example of this playing out which most of us will have had an experience of is when we’re on holiday. We book a holiday because we want to feel happy and have a relaxing experience but when we get there “our selves” still turn up and “our selves” will experience moments when we’re unhappy and unrelaxed. The fact is the holiday can’t make us feel happy or chilled out or unhappy or unchilled out. Only our thinking can do this.

In other words we are living in the feeling of our thinking moment to moment.

Why is this important?

Because when we get that we’re living in a world made from thought and realise that life is created inside out it somehow takes the pressure off, puts us in control, and not at the mercy of the world out there.  

Apparently a lot of people would rather die than speak in public. They mistakenly attribute public speaking with their well being. Well, I’m going to do a talk in November to small business owners and I know that however that goes my well being will be just fine. And knowing that fact will help the way I show up.

Phew thank God for that.

With love.