Stay in the game

When I first started this blog my target was to publish one blog every week. Feeling inspired the first two blogs seemed to flow effortlessly from me. Then in the third week I felt a lack of inspiration and I didn't get a blog published. So on Monday I thought I must get a blog out this week and as I reflected on what happened the previous week it came to me that I had become a victim of my circumstances last week. I wasn't feeling inspired so I didn't write my blog. I was waiting for the inspiration to hit me before writing. When it didn't come I didn't write. The inevitable outcome: no blog last week. 

So this morning as I cycled to work I had an insight and my next blog idea was born. State of mind performance coach to US athletes, Garret Kramer, writes in his book Still Power about staying in the game. Garret tells his clients that when they're not in the zone to just stay in the game. By doing so the athlete may or may not find the zone. But stay in the game anyway. And so it is with the business man, the entrepreneur, the salesman, the mum and the blog writer. Even when you're not feeling it, stay in the game. And the cool thing is by doing so you are more likely to find a higher level of consciousness (higher state of mind) which is the state in which better performance and leadership comes from. Successful people know that they can't let their circumstances or moods dictate what they do and whether they do it. As the famous Woody Allen quote says: "90% of success is showing up."