Does everything start with a thought?

Last week I had a real problem with my knee. It had swollen up, I could only walk with a limp, my back was really aching and everything was hard work generally. It was the same knee that I broke playing football about 15 years ago. I had a x-ray but nothing wrong could be detected. So at the weekend I went to see Jon Mason. He asked me what was wrong, zapped me with his chiropractor gun a few times around my knee, side and back and got me walking around until he was happy. Then he did this eye test with me and detected that I was stuck with a particular thought pattern. He asked me what it might be, what was I struggling with with at the moment? My answer: "How to move forward with my new business while juggling a full time job and a family." Jon talked about the knee being an instrumental joint in the body for moving forward and then said: "You don't need to know all the the answers, mind (the universe) will work out the details." At that point I got goose bumps and a intense tingling sensation around my knee. The whole session took about 15 minutes. 

Immediately I felt freed up and I left feeling totally different to how I arrived. And I'm happy to say the swelling on my knee has disappeared completely. I'm walking properly again and my back ache has totally gone.  

So it got me thinking...Does everything, even a physical symptom, start with a thought. Who knows but compared to last week I feel amazing. 

With love,