I have spent over 20 years working in the Digital world. My journey as an entrepreneur began when I started a web design company in 1995 which ran successfully for five years. Then in the early 2000's I co-founded a dot com business. I had great fun, worked extremely hard, learned heaps but ultimately my first ventures into business failed quite spectacularly and I ended filing for bankruptcy. After dusting myself down I went out and got a "proper" job for the first time in years as a Project Manager working for a big Digital Agency. However, I quickly realised  I preferred working for myself so I went freelance managing website builds and marketing campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands including Coca Cola, Skype, Sainsbury's and Barclays Bank. 


In the early 2000's, about the same time as my businesses were going through difficulties, I embarked on a personal journey of self discovery. Ever since I can remember I have been interested in people and change. The thing is I was too busy living life to actually find out about life. I started to look into self help and self development and in 2005 I enrolled myself on my first training course which blew my mind and I decided then and there I wanted to work with people. I continued training with the best trainers and coaches in the world and then I stumbled on the understanding that underpins my work and approach today. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds being coached myself and continue to be coached and mentored today by world renowned coaches. I believe in the power of coaching to the extent that I believe it will change the world. I love sharing the inside out understanding and witnessing how it transforms lives.  


Listen to me share my journey from "running fast at work and after work" to "slowing down" and finally "arriving home" - the essence of clarity and flow.