Simon has a background of working in internet technologies. Today he invests in cryptocurrency and is the co-founder of The Crypto Family, a training course on how to invest and trade crypto. He is also passionate about people getting the most from life and does do coaching, training and talks on performance, resilience and creativity. 

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What Simon Says About Life:

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in people and change. The thing is I was too busy living life to actually find out about life. I started to look into personal development and in 2005 I enrolled myself on my first training course which blew my mind.  I decided then and there I wanted to work with people and change; the two things I've always loved.  

On Coaching, Leadership and Performance:

My coaching work is based around performance especially with leaders. When we understand our true nature and who we really are the implications in all areas of life are profound.   

As well as working with individuals and groups I love writing and doing talks on performance, resilience, creativity and of course crypto.