Simon has a background in digital and still works as an e-commerce consultant. He is also a cryptocurrency investor and the co-founder of The Crypto Family, a training programme and Facebook Group for people who want to learn about investing and trading in crypto.

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What Simon says:

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in people and change. The thing is I was too busy living life to actually find out about life. I started to look into self help and self development and in 2005 I enrolled myself on my first training course which blew my mind and I decided then and there I wanted to work with people.

On Coaching:

Simon’s coaching work is mainly in the world of business, specifically with CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs in the digital and tech world.

Simon loves working with groups, exploring the inside-out nature of life and witnessing how this understanding wakes us up to playing at our full potential.

He loves doing talks and presentations on the subject of performance, resilience, creativity and why understanding that human beings work inside to out is such a big deal.